Cash & Carry

Items purchased at full price can be picked in our store. Our cash and carry policy allows you to place orders online and walk into our store, pay and pickup too. This also apply to promos online which can then be picked up in our selected stores.

Pick-up-Point Locator

We offer some items for sale before they actually arrive. When you preorder these items, we ship them out within 1-2 business day after they become available at our warehouse.

You can tell if you’re purchasing an item that is a preorder item on both the product page and at checkout. Once you’ve placed your order, you can double-check our estimated restock date on the product page, and we’ll make sure to send you a shipping confirmation email once the item leaves our warehouse.

Door-to-door shipping service

For orders within the US, we offer standard shipping for a flat fee of $15 per order, For shipping to Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and countries in the European Union (excluding Switzerland), we offer standard shipping for a flat fee of $75 per order. (Note that Terms and conditions apply, chat with us on our site for any clarifications or changes that may occur)

Orders over $250 USD (excluding duties, taxes, and shipping) will receive free standard shipping.

International Parcel Delivery

For all other international countries, we offer standard shipping which needs to be discussed with our team per order. Orders over $500 USD (excluding duties, taxes, and shipping) may receive free or discounted standard shipping.